Monday, 21 June 2021

Express Yourself at ArtStacks

Welcome back! 

I'm very excited to be using papers from the brand new "Artist Series" stacks from ArtStacks. The "Artist Series" range are stacks that are designed by well-known, incredibly talented papercrafters. These first stacks have been designed by Lorraine Haight Moraine.  

I used her Altered Ancestors to make these tags. I thought the cheeky, slightly outrageous style of the Altered Ancestors worked well for my theme of "Express Yourself".

Both tags feature quotes from musicians - the first from Billy Idol and the second from Madonna.

Almost everything on these tags is from ArtStacks. 

On the first tag, the backgrounds, the man and the bag are from the Lorraine Haight Moraine stacks and the wings are from the Anemones & Friends CoreStack.

On the second tag, again all the papers are from ArtStacks, but the rainbow and clouds hat is one I pinched from the internet. 

The new stacks are soooo much fun to play with!

You can find the new stacks here.

And Lorraine's work here.

Happy scrappin'!