Friday 1 April 2022

A Bit of Banksy

Hi there. I don't usually get political in my artwork but this month's challenge over at Kraft + sent me heading in this direction. The challenge is to be inspired by Banksy and to use kraft of course.

Banksy's artwork often makes a social statement and a huge social issue at the moment is the invasion of the Ukraine.

Banksy often paints figures in black and white so I found a photo of Putin and digitally altered it to look like it's painted. I added a quote by the Ukrainian president (I altered the quote slightly from the original) which I think sums up the ridiculous reasons Putin has come up with to justify this war.

Banksy often adds splashes of colour, particularly red, so I used this to symbolise the casualties of war.

I love the way challenges inspire us to try new things!

I hope you can join us. You can find the details here.

Happy creating!


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