Sunday, 1 August 2021

Doesn't Follow Directions......

Hello! It's the first of the month which means there's a new challenge over at Kraft + and it's such an original challenge. You have to use pie-chart shapes on your kraft-based project!

I thought about this then decided to create some funky, oversized flowers that are in a pie-chart shape.

My flowers started out as a collaged piece of paper using up scraps that were lying around my desk, mostly from ArtStacks' The Homemaker Stack. I simply collaged these onto a blank background then used this collaged paper to cut out my flowers.

To create the flowers, I simply cut rough circles from the paper then cut a couple of pie wedges from the circles, moved them out from the main circle slightly, then decorated them with 'stamens'.

The funny woman and the quote are from Lorraine Haight Moraine's CoreStack from ArtStacks. I love these!

I thought the lady is the very strange dress clearly doesn't follow directions - or understand the meaning of "one word" - lol!

I hope you can join in the challenge. You can find the details here.

Happy scrappin'!



  1. Your take on this challenge is fabulous.. love the quote and love the floral pies too..

  2. Oh, that's a good one! Doesn't color between the lines either, huh?

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  5. Your approach to this challenge is fantastic. I adore the quote, as well as the floral pies.


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