Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Weaving with DeeDee

Oh my! I've just got back from a very big weekend in Mt Gambier (in South Australia) with DeeDee Catron from the US and Fiona Paltridge. It was fantastic! We had some awesome classes and a very big Saturday night out on the town. For a small town, Mt Gambier punches above its weight for nightlife! It helps that the girls (and a few hubbies) were such a fun bunch too!

Our last class was a weaving class. We learned some very cool techniques where we transferred rust from old metal bits and pieces onto material strips that we then wove into rusty, rustic works of art. Everyone created something unique and they were all awesome! We got the bulk of the work done in the class then we finished them off at home which was great cos I could dig up interesting material and rusty things to add into the project.

Here's my end result:

I added many metal pieces to this. I hung it from an old rusty drill bit and added an old chain to the front once I'd finished the weaving.

You can see all the different textures and rust marks on the materials. I added lots of knots and lumpy bits for some cool texture.

From the bottom I hung 'tassels' made of cloth, fibres, twines and a variety of metal pieces. There's everything from barbed wire to a water tank tap handle in there!

Each 'tassle' is anchored to a rusty nut or washer.

This was such fun to make! Thanks DeeDee for such a fun and educational class!

Happy scrappin'!