Monday, 9 July 2012

I have returned!

Hi all. Sorry about my blogging absence - I was away on holidays then caught a lurgy as soon as I returned home! Still not feeling great but am slowly on the mend.
I had every intention of blogging while we were away (our family of 4 took 4 laptops on hols!) but time was against me. It was mostly a trip about visiting relatives and they kept us so occupied that I didn't even get to turn my laptop on!
We spent one of the days touring around the McLaren Vale wineries in South Australia. What a beautiful area this is! I was the designated driver so I explored a bit while the others were sampling wine and hop delights. I only had my little waterproof Lumix with me but I managed to snap a few beautiful sights.

This was the sight right outside the tasting room of Vale Ale beers. Someone with a bit of marketing sense must have set this one up. There is no way anyone with an interest in photography is not going to take a photo of this scene!

Just across the road the sun was setting on a vineyard. It was all so idyllic really!

Will be back soon with more scrapping updates!



  1. McLaren Vale is such a beautiful place to visit. I haven't been in such a long time though - must rectify that ;).

    1. Actually Kerryn, it was stunning! We have friends that live in a vineyard in the middle of the valley. We woke each morning overlooking the vines. It must be amazing in autumn! We only got around to a few wineries. It'd take a week to get around them all. Hmm, sounds like a good idea!

  2. Beautiful pictures, they really make you want to go and visit.

  3. My husband and I love to bike ride so the photo of the bike caught my attention. Great photo love all the texture on the walls and the bike is awesome. tis