Thursday, 28 June 2012

Big Boys Toys

Hi everyone.

I just have to tell you a bit more about this layout. The semi-circle behind the photo is a flap. It lifts back and reveals more info about the photo.

Here's a peek...

Although it may not seem obvious at first, the background paper is made entirely from stamps. I first stamped the info stamp. I stamped the word "Memory" in orange then the rest in black, locating it in the centre under the flap. I then filled the rest of the background paper using two different script stamps plus a grid stamp. I like the random effect it makes. I also used white ink to stamp the border around the page and used a part of the Tim Holts stamp to add the numbers along the right hand side of the layout.

For something different, I tied knots in string through random holes in the scalloped edge around the semi-circular flap.

I love the juxtoposition of the "rusty" hinges next to the lace. I think the reason it works is that my son is only two years old in the photo. I would have replaced the lace with something else if he had been a lot older.

I hope that answers a few questions!



  1. I didnt realize all these details were put into this when I saw it on Thats awesome that you used stamps to create that background. Stamps are one of my favorite items to use. Great layout. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So cool!!! I love how you created the background using stamps, very clever!!

  3. thanks so much for visiting my blog Heather...your work is just lovely!

  4. Absolutely fantastic!!! Love your layout!!!

  5. What a fabulous page so full of textures so perfect for your photo, and how cool that that circle opens up to reveal your journaling!