Monday, 23 July 2012


Here is a layout that was published in Scrapbooking Memories, Vol 14, No 8.

I hunted around for scrap cardboard and this piece was already this shape. I just shortened it a bit. I ripped off the top layer of paper and painted the corrugations roughly with watered down white paint. I then added aqua paint.

The photo was taken at a beautiful Greek village we stayed at on holidays recently. I wanted to accentuate the sea and fishing theme so I've used fishing line and knotted pieces of string. For the "fishing net" I painted an orange bag with acrylic paint. This is not a very reliable option if the layout is going to get handled a lot as the acrylic paint didn't cover the bright orange plastic well. It's was ok for this though. A smattering of pearls helps give the page a lift.



  1. Hi right back, Heather...just goes to show what good taste we both have visiting the same blogs!!!!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!! Great spot for a hol,too:):) like your SA photo too...glad you enjoyed checking out my blog:):):)

  2. Congrats on the publication and the layout is beautiful with all the details that you have added. The picture makes me wish I was on a vacation!

  3. Thanks to you Heather, I don't even how to follow blogs...LOL!
    Hugs from Chile,

  4. oooo my isn't this the greatest.. Love what you did here. Rocks girl!! Thanks for stopping in ! :))) sooo nice of you!!

  5. Hey heather, had to ell you I was cuttibpng out my LO from the latest scrap booking mag & YOURS (Greek island) e
    Was on the back of it. Small world:):):)

  6. Hey that's really funny! I checked out the layout - it's great! I've never seen a LO featuring goats before!

  7. Hi Heather. I saw your layout in Scrapbooking Memories! It's really gorgeous. Some very clever ideas you've used there (like the orange bag).
    Thank you for visiting my blog too and for your lovely comment. :)

  8. Oh wow!! This is stunning. So creative, I love it!!

  9. this is so gorgeous! i love everything about it i think! especially loving the tranquil colours, amazing photo, the use of corrugated card is a fab idea, and i love the twine and netting too :o) if i ever have such a gorgeous beach photo i may just have to scraplift and credit back to u!

  10. This is so stunning! I loved it when I saw it in the magazine! REALLY love this!!!

  11. WOW what a wonderful layout!!! I simply love the uneven corrugated background and stunning photo!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for following my blog... I'm following you back :)
    Aga x