Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Street Art

I'd like to share a layout I made which was published in Scrapbooking Memories, Vol 14, No 8. My son stayed in Melbourne for 3 weeks as part of a school programme. He soon learned to find his way around and he loved showing me the amazing alleys of graffiti.

Here's the layout:

To create the collage background I tore scrap papers into pieces and used Mod Podge to glue them down. When it was finished I applied a layer of Mod Podge over the collage to seal everything in place. To distinguish the busy background from the photos I roughly painted a black border around the photos. 

I downloaded the font from one of the free font sites, printed it onto transparency and just coloured it in with textas -not exactly a high-tech technique but it works for me! The white paint behind the title and text is painted onto the back of the transparency. This allowed me to move the painted area until I was happy with its placement on the page yet still let the brushstrokes show through. I really like this effect.

The layout is strong on colour and is very busy but this is a direct reflection of what those laneways are like!



  1. Oh Heather! I saw this when it was published in SBM and I have to say - it's my fave layout that I've seen in a long long time! I absolutely love this to bits! Amazing techniques - so innovative and an absolute smashing layout. Really really cool!!!!! :D
    TFS on your blog! :D

  2. hi heather, thank you for joining my blog :o) thought i'd pop over to check out yours! awesome layout this is. a fab idea to scrap the graffiti, and what amazing graffiti it is!

  3. What amazing artwork! I love how you have brought your page and the photos together. It looks fabulous.

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments everyone!

  5. What a fun Layout so much to see.....Great job... Thanks for visiting my blog and following me....

  6. Heather would you be interested in joining a design team? This is a genuine post - please check out www.scrapeverything.com.au and go to the blog for full information. :-)

  7. What a wonderful layout, love the graffiti mosaic, style happening. Very nice!

  8. This one really caught me eye when I saw it in the magazine. Great work!