Saturday, 11 July 2015


My apologies for being quiet online lately - we've been on holidays! We went to the amazing Gili Islands, three tiny islands off the coast of Lombok, in Indonesia. We stayed on two of the islands.

We had a brief stop in Singapore where I caught up with two Scrap Around The World girls - Jelissa Mei and Priscilla Lim. Unfortunately, I was struck down with a tummy bug - as I was heading to the cafe to meet them! I had a very helpful taxi driver who found convenient locations to stop so I could throw up. For all our planning, it really wasn't much of a catch up which was really disappointing. Still, we did get to meet, even if I couldn't stay for long. Jelissa and Priscilla are such lovely ladies and I hope that next time we meet, we will have much more time!

Oh gosh, I do look pale!

Gili Air
This was the chill-out island. Not much to do but just soak up the sunshine, ride a bicycle around the island and go snorkeling. (I was feeling much better by this stage.) It was heaven. Amazingly, we were thousands of miles from home but happened to bump into one of our son's school teachers! We also met Cande and Arnoud, two other people travelling around. The six of us had a great time!

Sunsets and moonrises were all amazing.

The staff at our accommodation were fantastic.

There were plenty of turtles.

There are no cars or motorbikes allowed on the islands so if you need to carry anything heavy you catch a horse and cart.

Gili Trewangan
This is the party island. It's heaps busier than Gili Air and is full of 20 year old sun-worshippers and party-goers. We stayed away from the main strip though which worked out perfectly.

There's a turtle breeding programme running which is why it's so easy to find turtles nearby.

Every restaurant had a perfect backdrop......

Shopping isn't a high priority on the Gili's but these bracelets were everywhere. I bought one bracelet at each of the three islands (we visited Gili Mena briefly one day).

Ever sunset we watched was with a cocktail in hand, while sitting in a restaurant on the beach. Heaven!

Well that's a brief summary of our wonderful holiday. Expect to see some tropical layouts coming to a website, blog or magazine near you soon!

Happy scrappin'!



  1. How amazing! LOVING all the photos!! So fun you got to meet some online friends!!! Sorry to hear you were sick though!!

  2. Sigh......SHAME, great pity about your Singapore 'catch up'.....but I guess the flip side is at least you were well for the main gig....those islands look relaxing. Gorgeous photo of you two & it does look idyllic. Love the bracelets, too. And of COURSE, can't wait for the tropical LOs:):)

  3. Oh what a coincidence, I am in Singapore right now visiting family. Sorry to hear about the tummy bug but catching up with blog friends is always fun, thanks for "taking" us along! : )
    Have fun the rest of your trips!

  4. Gorgeous photos and I love the bracelets - especially the turtle one! :)

  5. Heather,
    Thanks for sharing your pics of your awesome vacation. I'm glad the tummy bug passed quickly - you and your hubby are just adorable - sounds like a fun trip!

  6. Sounds like an amazing time you have had! The photos look wonderful!

  7. oh envy!! How beautiful! What a wonderful place to be. Sorry to hear about your tummy upset, I hope you got better quickly. LOVE your little turtle bracelet!! Horse and cart - sounds perfectly peaceful!

  8. I'm super sorry that you were so sick, but glad you weren't the whole time! That little turtle bracelet is adorable. It'll always remind you of this trip.

  9. Wow...looks like you had a super holiday! Gorgeous photo's....nice that you got to meet some scrappy ladies too, even if you were feeling very unwell!