Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Our Mixed Media Moods Challenge

Hullo there!

This post is a bit of an unplanned extra one as I decided on the spur of the moment to join in the fun over at Our Mixed Media Moods. I'm a big fan of Dee Dee Catron's work and she and her friend, Jenn Engle, have started up a new mixed media challenge. You can find the challenge here.

I made an art journal page.

I adore art journaling in old books and this one is perfect - the pages are lovely and thick and take wet media well. I love utilising the text and the aged look of the paper in books like these. The only downside is that they don't sit particularly flat and photos of these pages tend to look like things are crooked or misaligned but I've got to take the bad with the good!

Here's the challenge board:

As much as I love earthy colours, I rarely use earthy greens in my work so this was a sticking point for me. But whats the point of participating in a challenge if it isn't challenging? I decided to run with the tree and nature idea, layering different leaf and branch concepts in bands across the page. My title says, "Nurture the trees: they are the lungs of our planet". I loved the chevrons on the mood board and made these, and the strong black and white contrast, a feature of my page.

The branches in the top band were made using a leftover Dusty Attic chippie waste as a stencil and using a Copic marker through it. The chevrons were easy - it's just washi tape.

The green section was made by mixing two colours of Tinby Designs Colour Crush with gesso and applying them over a mask. 

I stuck paper reinforcements in a line across the text and painted black Dusty Attic paint over the top then removed the reinforcements to let the text peek through. I also punched leaves from the text paper and layered them onto the brown section which is made up of paints, inks, sprays and stamping. Did I mention I love experimenting with book paper text? Lol! I also incorporated a few of the vintage typewriter key alphas from the mood board.

I sure hope you can pop over to Our Mixed Media Moods for a look!

Happy scrappin'!



  1. Brilliant!! Love the way the gesso and colour crush's combine on the page!

  2. I really loved the nature theme and the impression of leaves looks fab !

  3. Loveeeeeeee this! Just gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. A brilliant result with the MM challenge. Love what you achieved with the Tinby melts. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Heather... love the concept of your beautiful journal piece. Gorgeousness! I think was making us all step outside the comfort zone. :)

  6. This looks amazing Heather, you do mixed media soo well.. love how you have been inspired by the mood board.. and the chevrons really pop on your pages too.. I must pop over and check out this site.. probably wont get time this month but always love to see what others get up too.. enjoy the rest of this month...

  7. Nicely done! Gotta get my butt in gear and join in on this one, too! Aloha!

  8. This is wonderful. Love the idea of using an old book. TFS

  9. I really love this! The linear aspect of it is fantastic. I love that you used greens even tho you arent used to using that color. When I picked the greens, I thought the same thing. But, you are right..what is the use of a challenge if it doesn't challenge! Haha. In your case, it really payed off. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

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