Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My PaperArts Classes

Hello again! To all the Aussie girls, have you heard about the Melbourne PaperArts Expo? It's coming up on the 8th to 10th of April at the Showgrounds. It's a brand new expo and is being run by the same people that run the huge Scrapbooking Expo in Brisbane.

I'll be teaching 3 classes. I'm very lucky to have The Dusty Attic and Tinby Designs as sponsors for the classes.

Class 1
In this class we will make Five Fast, Fabulous Layouts. Yep - five layouts! I will be teaching techniques to help you speed up the scrapping process while still creating fabulous pages and playing with fun products!

Class 2
This class is almost the opposite to the first class! We make one superb layout (or cards if you prefer). We will be playing with some very cool techniques and products and will be utilising Artist Trading Cards. I'll be showing what you can do with ATCs and how to use these little gems in all sorts of ways.

Class 3
This class is the same concept as Class 1 - Five Fast, Fabulous Layouts - however they will be five completely different layouts using different products and techniques. Students can do both classes or either one.

The other amazing tutors are Beck Beattie, Fiona Paltridge, Kerrie Gurney and Natalie May.

I sure hope you can join us. You can find the bookings page HERE.

Any questions, feel free to PM me - or you can ask a question in the comments below if you prefer.

Happy scrappin'!



  1. Would love to be able to go but gosh days are so unpredictable....I am loving your work Heather and sure your teaching would be very {aNNie}

  2. I am sure these classes will be a full success!! Enjoy them! Wish you a very nice day, big hugs.

  3. How exciting!!! I am sure your classes will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This looks fabulous - congrats and have a great time!

  5. How exciting for you Heather!! These sneak peeks look awesome, would so love to go, will be in Melbourne too but flying out to the Gild Coast on the Saturday!! Have a great time :)

    1. It looks very interesting,good luck in Melbourne

  6. Sounds super exciting! Wish I could come. One can dream!

  7. Oh sounds wonderful Heather, if only it is close to me! : (

  8. Oh my goodness, Heather! These classes look absolutely wonderful! I wish beyond wish that I loved a reasonable distance away so that I could attend!!!! Have fun and Best wishes!!!!