Tuesday, 19 August 2014

On my Soapbox

Well I have something different to talk about today scrappy friends! I often find myself in discussions with people about our wonderful Aussie scrapping magazines. I've been amazed at the number of times lately that people have made comments like, "Oh is that edition out already?" (it came out three weeks ago) or "my local newsagent didn't have any copies left" or "I keep forgetting to buy it".

I'd just like to say one word to all those people - subscriptions!

Subscribing to our mags has soooo many advantages:

  • It is usually significantly cheaper - prices can be 30 or 40% of the retail price. Postage is free.
  • You can choose to pay more (but still less than you would pay in a shop) and receive amazing freebies. Just keep your eyes open for deals.
  • The mag arrives in your letterbox as soon as it's released. Sometimes this is even before the newsagents have it on sale.
  • You don't have to remember to drop into the shop for it.
  • You will never miss out again!
We are so fortunate in this country to have three wonderful magazines dedicated to our craft. The three are all different to each other but all provide inspiration, info on new products, news in the industry and are full of fabulous ideas.

Here are the links:

Scrapbooking Memories
Click here for online subscriptions or phone 1800-801 647 or email subs@magstore.com.au

Australian Scrapbook Ideas
Click here for online subscriptions or phone 07-3160 9940 

Scrapbook Creations
Click here for online subscriptions or phone 1300-303 414 or email mailorder@universalmagazines.com.au

And to those scrappers in other countries, all of our wonderful mags post overseas. Just contact them to find out if yours is one of the countries they post to.

OK - I'll get off my soapbox now!

Hapy Scrappin'!



  1. Yes we are lucky to have 3 aussie mags to choose from.. I hope you are on commission for this plug!!.. hehe!

  2. LOL.....good on you for giving our 3 MARVELLOUS mags a plug & I 'resisted' subscriptions for ages, but they are BY FAR the best way to go!!!!

  3. You are lucky to still have 3 there ... I think we are literally down to only 2 (or is it 1??? hmmmm) print magazine over here now ... most of them have gone under or all digital ...

  4. or the wonderful free online Jot magazine! http://jotmagazine.com

  5. I subscribe to two and probably should the third, great words of advice Heather.

  6. Here, Here Heather!! Well said. Our mags are fabulous, from the gorgeous work to the awesome articles. I renewed one of my subs not long ago and each issue cost me less than a take away coffee. And I love coming home and finding the new issues in the post box waiting for me.

  7. So well said Heather!! We are spoilt for having 3 magazines still in print here in Oz but yes we need to support them! Great post and thanks for sharing, I can proudly say that I subscribe to ALL THREE!!

  8. Great post, Heather....and it's very important to support our own crafty community & thanks for sharing the links :)

  9. Well said! One definitely has to support one's local magazine's if they are to survive! Your magazines are top class and I love Scrapbooking Memories! Digital is great...but never gives me the thrill of buying that new magazine off the rack and lounging in my favourite chair, with a good cuppa! ;-)