Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Workshop Secrets Number 1

Hi all,

I must apologise for being missing in action a lot over the last couple of weeks. I just have so much on at the moment! Kids seem to need extra running around during the school hols, we have had a run of things on - mostly great fun but very time consuming! - plus I have a long list of scrapping deadlines to meet. All good problems to have though!

So, going back a bit now, I had my first Workshop Secrets article published in Scrapbooking Memories at the start of the year. This layout was inspired by me wanting to record my typical day. In the end I chose to record the last day before I turned 50. I then ended up with so many photos that I had to be clever to think how to present them well without the layout being too cluttered.

While I was pondering this I came down with a lurgy. A pretty sure sign I got a bit run down with all the running around for my big 50th birthday bash! Anyway, this left me too sick to work but, not surprisingly, not so sick that I couldn't scrap! I found some old Bella chipboard shapes and just started fiddling. I sprayed, stamped, inked, painted, embossed and stained the chipboard shapes then decorated them with everything from liquid pearls to ribbon. I had a lot of fun!

Here's the end result:

Even though my typical day isn't too exciting, I think I'll look back on this in the future and it will trigger lots of good memories for me.

Here are some close-ups:

I liked including things that I do a lot of, for example driving along our beautiful country roads or walking around our local lake.

The Manor House Creations flowers worked beautifully in this. They helped to soften the grid pattern and provided a bit of a soft touch to the factual page. I loved the way the chipboard worked behind them. I painted it white then put drops of liquid pearls on the ends. I think this is a Scrapmatts chippie. That beautiful background paper is The Scrapcake paper which I lightly gessoed over.

In this section I've used paint, Stickles, paper, chipboard, twine, ink, stamps and embossing powder. Whatever works!

I love the paint splats on the chippie on the left. I made them by quickly squeezing an almost empty tube of paint over the surface. Keep important things clear though - it can spray further than you want it to!

I hope you enjoyed this layout and my other Workshop Secrets articles. It was a bit hectic getting those first few articles together as I had very little time but they should hopefully be swinging along nicely now. I have loads more ideas about what I should write about but if there's anything in particular you'd like to suggest by all means let me know.

Happy scrappin'!



  1. Loved seeing this...& I am so enjoying your SBM articles...LOVED this months one on photography That's such an important, but tricky thing to get right!!! And I'm sure things'll settle once the school hols are over. Hope so, anyway!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Lizzy. You should hopefully enjoy next month's article too about how to get published. Lots of tips in there! If you're enjoying the articles I'd love it if you dropped Vanessa a line to let her know!

    2. I will do just that!!! The publishing one will go down well....I find that's one thing lots of peeps want to know about:):):)

    3. That's what I thought to! And thanks!

  2. This is soooooooooo GORGEOUS!!! I love love love the title and loveeeeeee how you framed each photo!!! FABULOUS!!

  3. I'm lost for words, no way did I think you were 50, no way at all, my gosh I thought you were closer to my daughters age.

  4. Yes I remember seeing this.. and I am sure you will be a buzz to look back on it too... I have the new SM but have not taken it out of the packet yet.. school holidays tend to get a bit busy don't they and the usual routine gets thrown out the window !!

  5. Love this! The detail amazing!

  6. Love your creation! Oh yes, life can keep us busy sometimes!

  7. This is so cool Heather! I really love this type of 'day in the life' layouts. It will be a real treasure to look back on! Hope you are feeling better now :)

  8. Oh this is great! A great day in the life of.............. Enjoy the 2nd half of the century!

  9. Wonderful layout Heather! Good to have you back!! Yes life is crazy busy. Love how you have documented all these memories together...

  10. Heather This is fantastic!
    I enjoyed all these photos together.
    And the details are so beautiful around.
    Truly an interesting result!

  11. Wow I absolutely LOVE this layout!!!!!!!!! I loved this so much when I saw this in the mag and I still adore it!!!

  12. This is sensational. I love it Heather! Such a creative idea.
    And I'm loving all your articles In SM. They are all so inspiring xo