Thursday, 21 March 2013

50 Posts and 5,000 Page Views!

I hope you've had a good week everyone.

I was putting up my last post and realised I have put 50 posts on my blog. I can't believe it! Coincidentally  I also just had my 5,000th view so that's got to be some sort of milestone.

I thought I should do something to celebrate. I remembered how I really enjoyed looking through other blogs at the end of last year where people listed their top 10 favourite layouts for the year so I thought I'd do this. I've gone through all my posts and picked out my 10 favourites pages. I can't believe how hard this was! There are layouts that I love because I think they look great but there are others that I love because they record a special memory or have some other significance.

So, without further ado, here they are.

In tenth position:

This was a page that was quick and simple to make and I really love the result. I made it for my Design Team work at Scrap Everything! using the KaiserCraft Secret Admirer Collection. This layout also brings back fantastic memories of Mykonos!

In ninth place:

I love the retro feel of this one and the funny story behind it - when my son was 2 he couldn't blow his candles out because he couldn't blow properly! This layout was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 14, No 12.

In eighth spot:

I made this one for my DT application for Manor House Creations. The photo is of my mum when she was a young teen. It's such a stunning photo. I went with the colour purple as it's mum's favourite colour. I really like the unique frame I created with covered wire adorned with flowers.

In seventh place:

I really love this as not only does it look great but it holds all the secrets to my very versatile casserole recipe. I made this for my sister-in-law when she had just had her third child. I figured she needed all the short cuts in the kitchen she could get! For more pics (and the recipe) go to here. It was published in Scrapbook Creations.

In sixth place:

I struggled with which of my Masters' layouts to put up here. I couldn't make 4 out of my 10 favourites layouts from my Masters application! In the end I went with two of them.
I love this one for the stunning photo of my daughter and the acrylic flower frame. My daughter doesn't often let me take 'nice' photos of her but on this occasion she just had her lovely long hair cut short and she loved it so was happy for me to take a pic.

In fifth place is another Masters layout:

The pastel colours really didn't show up well in the mag on this one. I loved the old pics of me and I was really pleased with the multi-layered tags I placed behind each photo. There's a lot on this page so for more info see here

In fourth position:

This gorgeous pic is of my nephew Archie, who has featured in a few of my layouts. I loved experimenting with sprays and stencils on this one. It was published in Scrapbook Creations Issue No 95.

In third place:

Again, I love it when I can get good pics of my daughter! I love the rich colours in this one. Those Bo Bunny papers are just awesome! The black Manor House flowers finished off the page nicely. And just to show how fickle it can be trying to get layouts published, this one wasn't accepted by the mags and it's my third favourite!

In second place:

This is another one I did for Scrap Everything! Although this is a simple page, it really speaks to me. I'm not sure why. I don't even remember where these pics were taken. Somehow it just seems to work.

And finally, here's my number one pick from my first 50 blog posts:

I made this layout a while ago and the products were older ones even then. I still love it though! It was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 14, No 10.

Hope you've enjoyed this. I had fun putting it together!



  1. Congrats on your milestones Heather! and thanks for a glance at your top 10 layouts.. they are all special and have wonderful designs and photos.. and cheers to the next 50 posts and many many more page views!!

  2. These ten are really special and it's hard to pick a favourite so I picked a couple - 'You're Amazing' and 'Kapow' but really I love them all in different ways.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And your top 10 show just how versatile a scrapper you are...I remember some of them, & it's lovely to 'revisit' fave is the icecream one...those dribbles of ink look just like melted icecream!! You're one CLEVER COOKIE of a scrapper...keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats on the 50 and 5,000 views!!! I AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with all of these!! WOW WOW WOW!! You are simply amazing!!! Gorgeous!!!

  5. Well I must say these are absolutely fantastic! I would have trouble picking only you said, there are many reasons to like something. I love the creations that you picked! Amazing!

  6. Big congrats on your milestone! All these layouts are fantastic and showcase so many amazing techniques!!! Wow! Have a lovely week-end Heather!

  7. I love how they are all completely different not just one style and you have rocked each and everyone of these... I can see why you have picked them!!!

  8. All gorgeous layouts, love them all

  9. congrats all fabulous work ,,, love the ones that were in the magazine :)

  10. Congrats to you!!!! These are all soooo fantastic, as all your work is!!! I love them all!!! I really love "Kapow" it is so memorable. It really IS kapow!!!!!

  11. Congrats on 50 posts Heather and 5000 visits! Awesome top 10 layouts! Beautiful work x

  12. congrats ! that's a fabulous blogging milestone

  13. I like all these Heather!
    I agree with you when you say it's hard to choose. Each LO has a special memory.

    Congratulations by the numbers. :)

  14. Loved looking at your top 10! So many beautiful layouts, no wonder you have 5000 views!! And I just added another ;)

  15. just stunning work my friend.. I have seen a few of these in real life, and they are even more gorgoeus than they look here... HAPPY EASTER

  16. Such amazing projects Heather! I gotta say, that layout of your Daughter from the Masters issue is one of my favs, it is stunning!